Terms Of Use

General provisions

The User freely, voluntarily and in his interest agrees to this Agreement and when using the Site by the User in any way and in any form within its declared functionality, including:

  • subscribing to informational and promotional newsletters;
  • sending online forms on the website;
  • search of affordable financial options using the website;
  • free submition of the application.

The User, informing the Company of his personal data as defined in the Regulation on the processing of personal data of customers:

  • acknowledges and confirms that he has carefully and fully read this agreement and the regulation on the processing of Personal data of clients, which is defined as an integral part of this agreement and expresses his full agreement;
  • confirms that the personal data specified by him belongs to him personally;
  • consents to the use of the specified personal data by the company in order to carry out email and SMS newsletters of an advertising and informational nature containing information about discounts, upcoming and current promotions and other events, about the transfer of the order, as well as other information directly related to the fulfillment of obligations under the implementation of the services;
  • agrees that since the services provided by the company, the terms of discounts, promotions and other events, as well as the Website are constantly updated, such terms may be changed without prior notice to the User.

If the User does not agree with receiving email and SMS newsletters of an advertising and informational nature, the User can refuse to receive the newsletter by clicking on the corresponding link available in each email .

Other terms

In addition, the User agrees that:

  • The Company cannot guarantee uninterrupted and complete reliability of access to the Site.
  • The site contains materials and links to other sites and Internet resources. Due to the fact that monitoring of a huge amount of information distributed and available on these websites and resources is not feasible, both practically and due to the lack of appropriate capabilities of the Company, we do not confirm such information and cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy or relevance.
  • Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for any indirect or consequential damages (including, without limitation, lost profits, loss of privacy, as well as loss of data), as well as any other special or punitive damages arising from or in connection with the use of the website.
  • The site is protected in accordance with the legislation on copyright and related rights. The User has the right to print out individual articles or pages for personal use or for the purpose of conducting non-commercial research within your organization. It is not allowed to distribute in any way, reproduce or make available to the public any materials of the website, without the prior written consent of the company.

Final terms

The invalidity of one or more provisions of this Agreement does not entail the invalidity of the entire Agreement as a whole.

The use of this Website is regulated and subject to interpretation in accordance with the legislation of the United States.

The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify and/or supplement this Agreement at any time. The Company will publish changes to the Agreement on this page. Further use of the Service resources by the User after any changes to the Agreement means acceptance of such changes/additions.

This agreement comes into force from the moment it is posted on the corresponding page, is regulated and is subject to interpretation in accordance with the legislation of the United Statesn. Issues not regulated in the Agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with the legislation of the United States.

The amended agreement shall enter into force from the date of publication, unless otherwise specified in the relevant publication.